When you reach your destination is the journey over? I can’t speak for others, but I can speak for this trip. No, not even close. In fact, this trip still has another two weeks with plenty more miles to cover. However, the journey never ends and has the opportunity to have a different beginning every new perspective you see. We have spent a week in another world, transported to the land of giants. The vast and open country goes on for miles, and the mountains are the protectors of its beauty with Denali National Park being the crown jewel. 27 miles of biking riding in the park really tests your limits and allows our group to truly appreciate undiscovered potential. Mix that with the literal oozing of thermal energy from unknown depths at Chena Hot Springs, and you can really feel the power. Nonetheless, in City Kids fashion education is priority because learning never stops.

We visited the University of Alaska, learning about the many research opportunities available, and Chena Hot Springs Ice Museum, featuring gorgeous ice sculptures. Thank you to all who made and continue to make our journey of perspectives a destination we could feel and more importantly share. It takes a village to raise a child.