Oh the place we’ve been, but oh the places we will soon go. As the first week of our 2022 Alaskan Summer tour comes to a close, the opportunity of reflection becomes a priority. ACU, Texas Tech, West Texas A&M, Timber Creek Veterinary hospital, Dr. Veneklasen and his ground breaking horse cloning, Palo Duro Canyon, Mount Rushmore, countless museums, and the Badlands round out the experiences we have absorbed in seven short days. College tours, education opportunities, wildlife crossing, careers paths, and the energy that comes with Mother Nature combine to create a desire within our kids that extends from simply knowing the possibilities our world possesses. All the while, we simply enjoy our journey through the nation, visiting gracious people who share their time and/or homes to offer the perspectives necessary to change a life. Thank you to the village who provide us the experience of a lifetime. It takes a village to raise a child.