Are you a non-profit organization?

Yes, we are a Texas charitable 501c3.

How many children does your program service yearly?

We service approximately 150 youth per year ranging in age from 7-17.

What type of activities does your organization offer?

Our dedicated staff of volunteers, professionals, and teachers offer: Hunting, Fishing, Horseback Riding, Traveling, Hiking, Water Sports, ATV Training, Mentoring, Counseling, and Cooperative Learning to our members. We also have a summer travel program that provides outdoor adventures beyond Texas, along with visits to college campuses.

Is City Kids Adventures a type of summer camp?

No! We think of City Kids Adventures as a family composed of parents, teachers, business leaders, and mentors who provide meaningful outdoor activities for inner-city kids year-round.

How does my child become a member?

We use an evaluation/referral procedure based on parental involvement, the capacity for long-term commitment, and home and community environment. Teachers, parents, and community advocates all refer students to our program.

How is your program different from a Boys & Girls Club?

One unique aspect of the program is the long-term commitment to each youth. A child may enter our program in his or her middle school years, and we will continue to support and provide mentoring opportunities for that youth throughout his/her college years. Most organizations provide short-term support; we provide long-term commitment.

How long can a child stay involved?

For life! Most of our members enter our program in their middle school years and we provide mentoring opportunities for our youth as they enter high school, college and beyond. A core value of City Kids Adventures is giving back. Our older members come back as guides, scholars, friends, big brothers/sisters, and mentors.

How much do children pay for your services?

All events are paid for through our generous donors. However, we require all of our participants to give back through our youth assistance program. This ensures all youth appreciate the rewards of our program.

How do you obtain funding to support your program?

We depend on the generosity of individuals, private businesses and foundations to fund our programs.

How do I make a donation?

Your donation will be used to support our nonprofit organization, which is committed to providing unique outdoor recreational and educational opportunities for inner-city youth. See donation instructions.