The mountains and hills go up, the valleys and canyons come down. The road we are traveling connects it all, a faithful windy companion that brings new experiences the more you look out the window. Maybe you’ll see some buffalo at Yellowstone, four faces on Mount Rushmore, elk in Glacier National Park, three moose riding UTV’s at Big Horn, intriguing dinosaur facts at the Museum of the Rockies, a one of a kind motorcycle in Sturgis Museum, generosity of people in their gift of time and resources, or maybe even an undiscovered passion you never thought to have. Whatever it is, the deeper you look, the more you have the potential to see. One step further, the more curious you are within the unknown, the more you will seek to discover it. All in all, the miles keep ticking up and down the road less travelled, just gotta keep driving. You never know what’s around the corner until you see it for yourself. Thank you to all who made and continue to make this epic journey a learning experience of a lifetime packed into five short weeks. It takes a village to raise a child.