Wow. Words will never express the gratitude we possess that matches the truly once in a lifetime experience which comes along with everything at Telluride Colorado. From the trip up there in our vans surrounded by new terrain to the countless trips down the slopes surrounded by snow, almost nothing compares to the type of adventure involved in this organized event. Our kids learned about appreciation due to the full support of the mountain village. Prime access lodging, long term ski rentals, ski lessons with amazing instructors, food from the number one voted Pizza Joint in America (Brown Dog Pizza) and last but certainly not least a lifetime of lessons learned and fireside story worthy experiences lived all packed into 4 days culminate to create a blessing. Fear management, excitement containment, patience with the slower links, and most importantly the enjoyment of life itself and every emotion it entails top the list of overlooked traits which create our human experience. “You’ll never know Tell-U-Ride.” THANK YOU to all who work behind the scenes, for the scenes, and with the scenes to make our village one like no other! It takes a village to raise a child.