How do you become comfortable with the uncomfortable? In short, you don’t. Technically it’s very difficult to be comfortable with something that’s uncomfortable, the words themselves are antonyms of each other. Once you can develop a certain mindset however, magic starts to happen, changing your perspective of what you need to feel comfortable (keyword, change). This pathway makes the collapse of discomfort a byproduct, while focusing on building that which makes you comfortable. Sand, heat, salt water, cleaning up in these conditions, and early morning wake up calls are technically uncomfortable, if you have a certain mindset. Water sports, tug-o-war, basketball at the park, great food, go carts, sea turtle rescue tour, and the beach itself focused the perspective of comfort. Mix these two separate feelings with the energy of a group lead by powerful kids who have learned to appreciate mere opportunity, and you get a redefinition of what’s possible in change. Thank you to all the mentors, “old guard,” sponsors, parents, and volunteers who make this group what it is. It could not be possible without all! It takes a village to raise a child.