Mind over matter, if you’ve got the mind, nothing else really matters. In a weekend full of extreme heights, our kids learned the importance of mind control. From repelling an 85 foot natural wall, to zip lining down a 3000 foot cable, or finally jumping off a 25 foot platform onto an inflatable blob, it was impossible to not conquer your fears. The most captivating thing about it, all they had to do was trust in themselves and the people around them and the uncomfortable yet inspiring feeling of conquering the fear took care of itself. As Bruce Bowen once stated “ We must become comfortable with the uncomfortable.” The best part, all of this education took place within our worlds most natural environment and disconnected, teaching one more final lesson of how to enjoy the present with those around you. Thank you to all who made this camp possible including parents, sponsors, and activity coordinators because without your support, there would be no lessons learned. It takes a village to raise a child.