The transformative experience of the great outdoors roots itself in sharing it. Thus, that is exactly what we aim to do at City Kids Adventures, but with one huge distinction. If your environment never changes, what do you learn from that environment? The logical answer, whatever that environment has to offer. For our kids many of those environments are uninspiring and center around the same group of people sharing the same daily experiences. To refocus their understanding of reality, we alter the environment, cultivate positive interactions, boost the absorption of beneficial knowledge, and hopefully encourage the individual to further their own desire to share inspirational experiences with like-minded people across all boundaries. There’s the difference. To be a part of City Kids and benefit from its exposure all you must do is be a part, no matter circumstances. We pride ourselves in the development of a collectively effervescent human experience, centered around the individual impact towards a positive outdoor encounter. One step further, if you link this exposure with a conservational mindset regarding outdoor education, then a standard grounded in respect, love, and appreciation for the individual and surrounding atmosphere develops as each trip follows. Thank you too all who provide the time and access that are crucial to our engine of inspiration. It takes a village… LeeCharles McNeil