Same amazing place, but countless new experiences that can only be truly shared upon the sacrifice of time to be a part. This story of City Kids constantly re-emerges. Our sense of relationships and the upkeep of those relationships keeps our inspiration train rolling. Mother Nature provides a unique environment to unite people around a common mindset. A mindset rooted in accountability, respect for the environment, humanity, and all things outside. However, the most captivating part about a relationship rooted outside lies in its endless life lessons, every year there is the potential for something new to be absorbed. Therefore, after 25 years at the Holt Ranch, these lessons have continued to build upon themselves. Lone Star law guest appearances, community building service projects, and a sneak peek into the life of a dog trainer all came together to fill this years hunt with a slue of new experiences. Thank you to all those who make our community an inspiration. It takes a village….LeeCharles McNeil